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Through the Windows

When lockdown started in March 2020 it seemed unreal like something you would watch in a movie or read in a post-apocalyptic book. I was thinking about all the parents who had to become teachers and also work from home. Active toddlers stuck at home and in some places couldn't even go outside for months. I consider us very lucky - our kids could play in backyards, hike and walk in the park. We biked a lot (even me!), hiked and just walked around the block. And even though we homeschooled before we did miss our friends and regular events at the library, Science Centre and other random group lessons.

During Skype sessions with my friends from different parts of Europe I was often asked how we are doing, how people are cooping with isolation. So I decided to do this project to show how families in Vernon spend time in lockdown.

Every story reflects a little bit of a storyteller's personality and my approach was always more on a positive side. I didn't want to search for drama or despair, instead I loved to see how people are holding on and what brings joy in their lives.

Now, on July 2021, I wanted to look back and put together all of these photographs in one place. There are two galleries: families and small businesses from Downtown Vernon. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Small busynesses were also struggling at that time. Many closed forever, many survived thanks to the strong community support! I love to shop local, it makes sense, it's better quality and you know that you help another family to pay bills.

When I did this part of the project most of the downtown shops was working by appointment only. I had to pick through the doors and windows and got some puzzled looks sometimes :)

For branding, event, family, portrait, maternity and newborn photography please contact Yana Crane Photography! Proudly service Vernon, Kelowna and area.


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