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Willow May (In-home newborn session)

This session was special for me, just a months before it I witnessed a home-birth of this new life and documented it with my camera! It was a powerful experience and my first birth to photograph!

Did I mention how much I love in-home sessions (especially with kids)? :) We are more relaxed and confident in our own space. Snacks, extra clothing, toys, bathroom, and comfy sofa - everything is nearby and creates an environment kids act natural in.

For photographer it could be challenging because of the light conditions. It was so in this house but I did my best to work with what we had. And I'm pleased with result as well as this family. When people say how many wonderful emotions their photographs bring to them it means I did my job well! My heart is full when I can give that experience, memories and emotions to the families I work with!

Meet precious Willow May and her family!

Happy Holidays!

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