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A Day in Life of McBouti Clan

I met Linda about a year ago when she opened Children's Clothing store downtown Vernon. I do admire her energy and super business skills as well as her passion to support local moms who work from home. She is one of that cool people who do their part in saving Earth, participating in fundraisers and supporting all the good causes!

Of course I was happy when she said she wants to book with me. And then it became even better when I heard Day in Life type of shoot - my very favourite. I always feel honoured when people trust me to step in their every day life and document it for them. And did I mention Silverstar Mt.?

Perfect cute little burrow this amazing family call home now is right on top of a mountain surrounded by fir trees!

Meet Dave, Meizie, Linda and Rae! I had lots of fun photographing them! And you will understand why looking through the gallery!

Playing lego, dancing together, practising music, feeding birds and cooking with kids - those little habits and rituals are family's heritage. They are important part of establishing family values, bonding members of family and pass on cultural traditions in general. It is really amazing to observe and photograph from this perspective, to see how amazing relations can be and how unique and special each family is.

You can see how natural Meizie and Rae were during this session. They had fun and just did their own thing - being themselves. And so was parents :) Thank you Linda and Dave for this perfect session!


Would you like to have this experience in comfort and security of your home? To have this memories and connect generations? Let me know! I'm glad to serve and do my best in capturing these special moments for your family!



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