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Feel good on your Graduation Day!

Graduation is a big day in life. You now going to enter a world of hardworking adults and it could be a life changing for many!

Just like a birthday, a graduation is something we should honour. This celebration comes only a couple of times in your life (depending on your post-secondary plans, of course), so you should really do it up!

I remember my graduation and how I didn't care about my outfit or appearance. All the girls were wearing nice dresses and had their hair done. I was in my mom's shortened black skirt and in a golden blazer borrowed last minute from a friend. Honestly, I can't look at my grad pictures without shutting my eyes tight for the first few seconds. Then I laugh. And I wish I had a nice outfit and nice photos to show my kids and talk about it without being slightly embarrassed.

So how to rock your grad and look good on photos?


When you choose your dress think twice: does this colour compliment you? If your favourite colour is red but it doesn't suit you and makes your skin look red or spotty, it's better to avoid it.

Watch the length of your dress. If it's too short, you may feel uncomfortable trying to prevent it from riding up all day or worrying about showing your underwear accidentally. When a dress is too long, there is a higher chance that you or someone else might step on it and possibly tear it.

Check the armpit part. Is it too tight? Do you sweat a lot? Make sure that the fabric and the colour of your dress won't give it away. Big sweaty spots on your armpits won't look great in photos. A professional photographer can remove those spots in post-production, but your friends and family who will also take pictures with their cell phones are not going to do it.

The best scenario is to try on your dress before buying it. You can immediately see how it fits your body type and whether you are comfortable in it. But if you are buying it online and you can’t try it, read reviews and look at the photos of real people in the same dress if there are any.


Try your make-up before the Big Day. If it's a new product you might get an allergic reaction. Also it's a good idea to think ahead: what style of make-up will complement your outfit and become a nice finishing touch for the whole look. Don't forget about the sun screen! On a sunny day you can get a sun burn and damage your skin.


Try it out! Choose a day when you can rehearse wearing your dress and shoes at home. Walk around the house for 1-1,5 hours to check how it works all together. Maybe your shoes will need additional soles, or maybe they will hurt your toes so much that you will need to get a different pair. At the very least barefoot photos can look cute, as well as a pair of Converse sneakers with a pretty dress..


Have fun and rock it! It's your day. You have overcome lots of hard and stressful challenges of high school and have accomplished a lot. Now you can just relax and enjoy the celebration. The best way to look good in photos is to look natural and relaxed. Our faces usually give us away and unless made of stone show our feelings as well as tiredness and sadness, unhappy thoughts or tension. I prefer to have natural and genuine emotions which display who you really are.


You have graduated! It is going to be one of the biggest and proudest accomplishments in your life. And you deserve to have great memories about this day!

Send me a message or call to find out how I can help you!

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