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A Day in the Life of a homeschooling Family

Being a homeschooling mom I always take photos of our activities and creations. And I love to learn about other homeschooling families: every one of them have a different routine and approach to learning. Kids are involved in learning in their own ways and on different levels. I think it is so important to keep that memories of everyday life as it changes year to year.

I was so happy and honoured to enter Broad's family homeschooling life for a little bit!

It was quite fun to watch their routine: some workbooks and paper work, followed by games and free play for a break. Some math on a computer, followed by fresh air activities outside. Drawing and science, some more games - and it was only half of the day! This family is doing their more academical homeschooling in the morning and all the other fun activities and playdates in the afternoon. It's so well balanced and organized that I want to take some lessons about time management and space organization with Carla!

Some people choose to live in a different way, more chaotic, more of an unschooling routine and it is fine as well. It should work for your family where each member is able to be unique and different. It's like little micro-cosm where members-planets circle around their usual and habitual actions and ways of doing things.

Some kids love colouring, some don't. Some kids love to do cursive writing, some don't. Some kids just like to play ball - well, let's do a ball math, how many times can you catch a ball without it touching the floor?...

Do you have a messy house? But it's your pretty mess! (and usually it is favourite things at the moment which are messing around!)

I would love to capture your homeschooling Day in Life! Don't hesitate trying to make it perfect - it shouldn't be! It should be yours, unique and interesting life!

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