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Everything is beautiful what is made with Love!




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vernon family photographer


Yana Crane Photography is your Vernon, BC based photographer specializing in lifestyle family, maternity, newborn and portrait photography. 

Hi! I'm Yana and I'm so glad YOU found me! 

I live in Vernon, a beautiful Okanagan valley!

If you are looking for photographer it is very important to find not just somebody with a camera but that artist which will get your unique personality and can connect with you to create most wonderful stress-free experience and catch important moments and connections between family members. 

My approach to photography called storytelling. It can be in-home session, original, sentimental, true messy everyday story of your life. A record of your day to freeze and remember and pass to generations of your family preserved in prints or a photobook. I'd love to show how beautiful ordinary things can be: what you do everyday, what you sometimes don't notice but it has a sentimental and memorable value 

It is also could be an imaginary beautiful lifestyle version to cherish and hang on a wall in your house. 

I enjoy documentary approach as much as a lifestyle sessions with beautiful outfits as far as I can tell a story. 

I believe that every person and every family is unique and interesting. I was always fascinated by people, their differences, souls and minds which are like Universe of it's own. When I can bring up someones personality in my photographs and show connection between people it's a great reward and my gem. 

See the Light in others, and treat them as if that is all you see. 

Dr. Wayne Dyer

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